Hoodwings FX is really just one person, me. Dan Lind. I started the company in mid-2009 after having worked as a 3d artist for some years at various places, foremost a company called Dockhouse Film & Tv. Visual expression have always been the obvious way for me, whether it be by illustrating, painting, sketching or doing 3d graphics and visual effects.

My philosophy about my craft is simple. There has to be a purpose with it, I don’t want to put 3d graphics in any production for its own sake, it has to contribute with something to come into its own right. And being allowed to use it properly I think it has the possibility to lift most projects, either as a pedagogic, illustrating element, by creating a unique look or feeling, or both. Simply to help clarify and send a message!

The name Hoodwings, was something I got wrong when listening to Tom Waits’ Walking Spanish. I didn’t get what he meant by it, but I liked it somehow. Not until several years after I registered hoodwings.com (then used as my private portfolio) did I learn that he actually sings ‘hoodwinked’. Which I don’t know the meaning of either. What I do know is that Hoodwings is all me.

If there’s anything you want to know, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at dan@hoodwings.com, or give me a call at +46 (0)705 547496.

All the best!
/ Dan